Why eSports

eSports are a great activity for people of all ages:

  • For students, college scholarships are available. Tournaments offer scholarship prizes and schools such as Robert Morris University and UC Irvine offer scholarships for eSports players.
  • Team based games teach all the communication and coordination of traditional sports.
  • Anyone can play! All ages and genders can play on the same team and compete against each other.
  • Encounter different people and cultures by playing with and against people from around the world.
  • Low cost: Most eSports can be played on the average home internet connection and average computer or laptop. A headset with a microphone is the only additional equipment required.
  • All weather: eSports can be played any time of day or night, no matter the season or weather.
  • Improved memory and faster decision making.
  • They can improve hand-eye coordination.

There’s an eSport for everyone. Whether you want to play on a team or alone, play something based on fast reactions or something more cerebral, the world of eSports has something to offer.

Why Play With Sidekick?

Sidekick Sports Academy has years of experience working in traditional sports, and that translates into the world of eSports. Associate Director for eSports, TJ Porter, has two decades of experience with games and has been involved in the eSports industry for five years. He is ranked in the top 9% of League of Legends players in North America and has worked with multiple eSports organizations, including Team Dignitas and Echo Fox.

Sidekick Illustrations will offer an eSport for everyone. Individuals can participate in one of our FIFA, Madden, or NBA tournaments while players looking for a team atmosphere can sign up for one of our League of Legends or Counter-Strike teams. Teams will compete in leagues and tournaments against players from around the country. Families can get involved in one of our fantasy sports leagues in a variety of traditional sports.

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