The Beginning of Fantasy Baseball

The concept of fantasy sports has existed for decades but the rise of the internet has seen fantasy sports leagues explode in popularity. Today it seems impossible to watch a game without a fantasy sports commercial of some sort popping up. Today, 20% of American men play fantasy sports on a regular basis, whether they play in office pools, for fun with their friends, or in daily fantasy games. Fantasy sports give players a new way to interact with the sports they enjoy and an outlet for friendly competition with their friends.

Why Play Fantasy Sports

Playing fantasy sports is fun, but for people who also play the sport themselves, it can help them improve their game.

  • Watch more games - Fantasy sports players watch more games, which means they learn more about the sport itself. Players can translate that into improved performance.
  • Learn more about other positions - Players need to learn about every position on the field to pick the right players, this can give people who participate in the sport themselves a more well-rounded knowledge of the game.
  • More engagement with the game - Playing fantasy sports leads to more engagement with the game, and players will work harder to get better when they are more engaged.
  • Social experience - Fantasy sports are a great way to stay in touch with friends who are a long way away, or to create a common talking point with others.