“I had a great time working on drills that improved my skills but were also fun. I got to meet new kids who were great friends that I won’t forget. And all the coaches were great and funny to be around whom truly cared about helping me become better in soccer and maturing in life to be ready for college.”

Nick Johnson, Player (New Jersey)

Today was the first day for my kids at the (clinc) and they said it's the best and the most advanced (clinic) ever."

Zeina, U10 Parent

“The Sidekick Soccer Academy (Top Quality) Showcase helped me as a goalkeeper become a leader. Working with the (Sidekick) coaches taught me the importance of having light feet and being agile. Thank you for making me realize what I had to work on and get me ready for college."

Ryan Kobrenski, Player (Massachusetts)

Top Quality is meant to serve the needs of the advancing, competitive player who wants to participate at their highest possible level with specialized training environments.

  • Goalkeeper Training
  • Strength & Conditioning Training
  • Individual Skills Training
  • Specialty Skills Training
  • Youth Competitive Tournaments

Beginning in fall 2012, we began providing specialty goalkeeper training sessions in-season to the players in United Soccer of Auburn. A few seasons later and there were more than twice as players enrolled in this program - with a waiting list for more to join! In addition to goalkeeper training, we can improve players' performance in a particular position or skill set in any area of soccer study. 'Striker schools' are a popular option, but the choices are limitless; strength & conditioning, individual blow-by moves, individual defending, dominating the 2-v-1 situation, heading, throw-ins, free kicks (corner and penalty), etc.

Competing when others are not is what really begins the separation between players as they move up the ladder from middle school to high school to college to professional. Want to be placed in a training program with other 'select' like-minded and similarly-motivated players? That's where a 'Top Quality' program makes the difference. Intended for club-level youths, town travel all-stars, and high school Freshman, JV and Varsity competitors, the 'Top Quality' clinic will be more intense than a 'Footy Fun Fitness' clinic and the players will know and appreciate why.

Our professional coaches and age-appropriate training plans enhance volunteer-run organization's players both technically and tactically, while ensuring the most important aspect: FUN! Thousands of players have boosted their self-esteem and interacted with their peers from their community thanks to these clinics. Mainly intended for players aged 6 to 18, skill development increases exponentially and competition is high on a weekly basis.

Additionally, we have successfully hosted competitive youth tournaments, keeping in mind that the primary focus of a successful tournament is to promote the joy and fun of the game and to offer a safe venue for players to express themselves and develop their skills. We believe that the benefits of organized soccer are numerous and it is our mission to provide all players with 'Top Quality' soccer opportunities.

We provide the message of Long Term Player Development and believe that our coaches do, too! Sidekick is a NSCAA Member Club. To see our curriculum, click on the Our Methods tab.