"I would like to thank you personally for a great season with Sidekick Soccer. The coaches did a great job and I was able to utilize the tools shown with my players. They grew from the drills this year, some more than others but overall the drills worked well. As my players went on through the season I saw improvement and skill start to come out. I will continue to coach next season u-8 and u-10. I hope I was able to assist in every way for your coaches during these sessions. I hope we can work together in the future or I could help you in some way during the next season. I want to develop myself as well as my teams this fall. Once again, THANK YOU for this season as it was more successful overall."

Chris, Volunteer Town Coach

"I have nothing but glowing praise for how I felt the sessions went all season. It was great to get the session plans ahead to see what was coming, and so I could be prepared to assist ... Having a different coach with different activities and drills come in really helped me to keep things fresh and fun and it showed.  The girls were competitive all season but really continued to improve right through to the last game. (Footy Fun Fitness) is great for experienced and new coaches alike, and we know that all the players are being exposed to at least some of the same fundamentals throughout the season."

Jeff, Volunteer Town Coach

Footy Fun Fitness is meant to serve the needs of the recreational/in-town player and coach who simply want to be part of a fun, learning environment by which to enjoy the game.

  • Weekday/Weekend In-Season 'On Field' Training  
  • Detailed VIDEO Session Plans
  • Player Evaluations
  • Coach Support

Our professional coaches and age-appropriate training plans enhance volunteer-run organization's players both technically and tactically, while ensuring the most important aspect: FUN! Thousands of players have boosted their self-esteem and interacted with their peers from their community thanks to these clinics. Mainly intended for players aged 3 to 13, our staff of professionals are experienced in creating the type of atmosphere that you will want on an annual basis. By providing a professional coach and including "fairplay" incentives, we will create an environment for every child - no matter their athletic ability - an opportunity to feel success. Our 'Coaches' Education' program is meant to ease the burden and improve the quality of enjoyment for the coaches at the 'Footy Fun Fitness' level. We provide a pre-season Coaches' Clinic, age-appropriate session plans, direct feedback, professional coaching assistance, and educational videos that allow for the rookie/novice coach to gain the utmost confidence in their ability to improve their players' passion for the world's most beautiful game.

From coaching articles to session plans to informative videos to a list of coaching courses being offered in New England, our aim is to support those who support their community through this wonderful sport!

We are unique in that we have scoured the internet to find quality coaches and programs in action and provided the visual aid of YouTube Playlists to better economize the knowledge and time commitment that a coach needs to run a quality training session. These YouTube Playlists typically last between 10 – 20 minutes and couple with a custom-made, corresponding PDF ‘information sheet’ that makes the experience structured, stress-free, and greatly enjoyable!

We provide the message of Long Term Player Development and believe that our coaches do, too! Sidekick is a NSCAA Member Club. To see our curriculum, click on the Our Methods tab.